Monday, February 6, 2012


Welcome to Word Journey, A Word for the Year Focus

  Welcome to my word journey! For a long time now I have been reading and hearing about people, mostly women, choosing a word for the year. "Cool idea" I would think, but just another time-consumer as far as I was concerned. However, maybe as I get closer to  the half-century mark, a reflective, more aware approach to life seems more appealing! It could be  a yellow-flashing signal, reminding me to slow down, focus more on people and things that make the road of life smoother and interesting.
    I spent a considerable amount of time creating Christmas gifts,  (I mean dreaming up ideas and THEN trying to figure how to develop my ideas into tangible gifts--NOT doing things the natural, logical way by using other people's ideas, plans or instructions.) NO! That would have been too easy!! So my family endured many weeks of a cluttered, crafty house to allow me to indulge my creative side.  Which led me only wanting to be more creative AND my word for the year, CREATE!  My hubby gave  his support as long as we would someday see the kitchen counter that currently held drying Christmas projects! I'm glad to report the counter cleared as Christmas came and went!!
   But the word, CREATE, keeps building new ideas in my head. So why not CREATE a blog? As I looked for some needed tech continuing ed courses, the one for blogs just got me!  This CREATE word focus is not only to CREATE new things,  but insights, relationships and adventures in 2012! As much as I love them, it's definitely not all about crafts!!! It's like attaching a specific lens to use as I focus on  every aspect of life along the way!

   Part of my inspiration is from the author, Debbie Macomber, who has now published a book about this topic.

   In the coming months, I will share with you how this CREATE word journey is mapping out a new focus on my days!  Join me in sharing your word for the year and how one word changes the lens on your life! 
                                     Journeying on!